Children's eyecare

Childrens eycare is a particuar speciality of the practice. We see children from the age of 18 months onwards and we encourage parents to bring all children in for a check up, particularly if there is family history of "squint "or "lazy eye" as these two conditions are quite manageable if picked up at an early age.

Children can be very demanding on their spectacles so we have selected a range of stylish frames that can stand up to the rigours of daily wear.


  • Adidas Eyewear - with a lifetime guarantee. Ideal for the active schoolchild wearing spectacles for sporting activities or simply in the playground.
  • Flexon including Nike sports range. These frames are made from metal with memory - if bent or twisted they return to the orginal shape.
  • Mexx - for the "Tweens and Teens" The range includes some bright colours and some gorgeous designs for girls.


We will also advise on lens selection with choices of scratch and impact resistance, light sensitive transition lenses and anti-reflective coatings.